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BIONICS ENVIRO TECH, Tamil Nadu, India is a scientific manufacturer of microbial bioculture -NANOZYME(Effective Microbes)for Effluent treatment, Sewage treatment, anaerobic digester, solid waste management, agriculture, lake bioremediation and aquaculture in India. The company is registered office at Namakkal in the State of Tamil Nadu. BIONICS ENVIRO TECH also headquartered in Erode, Perundurai branch office over the locations of Tirupur, Chennai and Hosur at present has a workforce of all over India. We have over two decades of research experienced directors in providing wide range of research solutions for biological wastewater treatment problems headed by our Executive Directors Dr. M.PARAMESWARISASIKUMAR PhD. Agri. Our BIONICS ENVIRO TECH efforts are designed at serving the nation by becoming partner of industrial community.

Our Customers include, Dye Industries, Leather & Tannery, Paper And Pulp Mills, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Units, Sugar And Distilleries, Food & Beverage, Breweries, Wine And Alcohol Plants, Automobile, Petro-Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, ETPs, STPs Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP), Common Sewage treatment Plants (CSTP) etc. BIONICS INNOVATIVE products NANOZYME are very useful to help industrial community, municipal authorities, commercial and public properties. we carry out a vast amount of R&D work. current focal points include zero sludge, COD, BOD, TDS, TSS, heavy metals reduction with low cost treatment of biological high-performance systems.

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BIONICS ENVIRO TECH has the distinction of being only the first company to implement ZERO SLUDGE process by using our research based microbial NANOZYME products for all the industries.

BIONICS ENVIRO TECH grown up very fast and we build up a very efficient company started at Namakkal, Our successful implementation of Microbial NANOZYME products to the biological waste water treatment in industries now started our branch offices all over the TamilNadu.

We got huge breakthrough within a year of establishment and BIONICS ENVIRO TECH as the Number ONE in Manufacturing of Bacterial culture - NANOZYME for BIOLOGICAL treatment waste water treatment in TamilNadu and all over India.

When I have completed my doctorate in 2006, it was too evident that we needed technically, also act at immediately. So work with the industrial sectors and to found biological treatment technology gap between research and industries. so we worked on that and succeeded with all industries and also continuously focus on up gradation of new technologies development and processes which would benefit to the Industries. Also I have completed two outsourcing projects of Status report of pollution control board and Status of Solid waste Management in TamilNadu, given by TamilNadu Pollution Control Board.

We must mention that a major credit of our success goes to district Engineers of TNPCB and industries, as they appreciated our potential and encouraged us to manufacture the Effective Microbes (EM)- NANOZYME to the dye industries, thereafter, we are very successfully implementing our EM- NANOZYME for all dye industries, paper & pulp industries, Tannery and leather Industries , Pharma Industries, Food and dairy processing industries.

The future is of renewable energies and sustainable green technologies and BIONICS is committed to cleaner technologies that help maintain the environmental balance of the earth. That is the key to sustaining life on this planet.

We are ready to work out solutions for waste water treatment and sludge problems together with you .

Our Team will be glad to support you as best as we can.

Your sincerely,


PhD (AGRI.,)

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Managing Director Message

BIONICS ENVIRO TECH, efforts are aimed at serving the Nation by becoming partner of industrial community. May it be increase in capacity utilization, manufacturing the quality product, adding value to the product or delivering the product at right place & at right time. The Company is continuously innovating on Bacterial products NANOZYME by use of state of art technology to help industrial community.

We are committed to identifying innovative selective microbial cultures - NANOZYME for various industrial specific needs, translating into Quality bioproducts and providing dependable after-sales-services. This commitment is the corner stone of our Quality Policy and we strive to achieve it by putting into place a Quality System, which adheres to the ISO 9001QualityStandard.

Being a company committed to a green earth and ensuring availability of water and a clean environment for future generations, BIONICS has set upon a task of Research, towards that goal. We have set up a R&D Centre and focused on technologies for the Biological Treatment Plants, Waste-to-Energy Conversion, Municipal Solid Wastes biocomposting and biomethanation.

We can be proud to supplied our innovative product NANOZYME to the major multinational companies ETPS & STPs, larger Effluent Treatment Plants in SIPCOTS and CETPS in TamilNadu.

The past has been good, the present is challenging and the future will be glorious. with the trust and goodwill that we carry as a reward for efforts, we are confident to retain our unchallenged position in the field.